Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Break: let the toil begin!

Yesterday was not the grand, elation-giving day I expected, but it's over and that's a good thing. The ending was good with all the warmth of home and cuddly doggies and a side-splitting episode of Malcolm In The Middle on Netflix. (One problem of summarily dismissing all broadcast television is that you never really believe people when they tell you "this show is SO good" and you end up missing the occasional golden chestnut.Thankfully, Netflix is on the case and I'm systematically binge-watching at odd moments.)

This morning I'm to read a chapter from Pharmacology and do a little studying before I leave the house for errands about town. Next 4 days are full to the brim with commitments, but I'm hoping to squeeze a trip to yoga in tomorrow - I've GOT to get back into that and calm myself down a bit. After so long away, I'm worried I'll just have to stay in child's pose the whole time.  We'll see!

It's just above freezing, but the sun is bright and it's supposed to get into the 50s today. I hope it warms up before I have to hang the wash on the line -- fingers get cold fast when hanging laundry.

For your pleasure, I've attached a beautiful photo of Sligachan Bridge on the Isle of Skye*.  Yes, all of Skye is gorgeous and wonderful like this.  You have to love a place where there are Otter Crossing signs! I hope to visit Skye again one day. I did not know at the time I visited, but I am descended from the McCords of Skye.  Neat, eh? No wonder I'm drawn there. Or maybe it's just because it's so incredibly beautiful and has Otter Crossings.
I hope your day is wonderful!
*the photo comes courtesy of Morrison Car Rental, and you can hire a car and tool all over the Highlands, which I recommend. If you are unaccustomed to driving on the left, though, I'd strongly urge you to visit during the off-season, as Skye is crawling with tourists and hikers during the summer, and most of the road around the island is one-laned with lay-bys - could be hairy if you are nervous on top of the crowded roadway. The winterscape there much suits Skye's rugged, desolate beauty, anyway.


Old NFO said...

Pretty and it looks 'chilly' there! ;-) Enjoy spring break!

Roscoe said...

Find "Freaks and Geeks" on Netflix. It is the poster child for "Brilliant But Cancelled".