Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The idea of something is more easily managed than the actual fact.

Since the second week of January, I've had this fantasy about the mighty, hallowed SPRING BREAK.  The idea of it was a vast, uncommitted week that would stretch out for a whopping 9 days and I'd get so much done, including cleaning/reorganizing stuff in my house, I'd do some sewing and nap until noon every day and knit a sweater for every puppy on the planet.

Today is technically day 4 of that 9 day stretch.  The first two days were entirely consumed by a commitment at an antique shop, but that was productive, as well. Yesterday my primary accomplishment was study, but I didn't sleep til noon either yesterday or today.

My knee is presenting a major obstacle, so I'm going to be a trifle less of a domestic Tasmanian Devil than planned. Settle for minor cleaning and probably nil on the organizing bit. I have SO so so much study to do for my pharmacology test on Monday. I hope to do well on this test-- I've already put in a great deal of very productive study-- but it's so dense and there's so much to remember. Not easy. I've been feeling pretty discouraged about that one, and profoundly stressed about it. Nursing school is an endurance test, I've decided. A load of towels is drying on the line and another is in the washer. It's dry, breezy and warm today, so I should be able to get several loads done today.  This week is all forecast for sunny and 50/60/70s, so it should be a nice, relaxing week, somewhat. 

The pups are hale and hardy, and the same great joy that brightens every day. I'll put my book on the coffee table for study today so they can make their little horseshoe formation around me on the sofa. 

I'm off to Do Things.  The puppies of the planet will have to forego the pleasure of sweaters from me for the time being.

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Old NFO said...

Time management... hard to do, and harder to learn... but critical for a nurse!