Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bit by bit

I managed to get my final assessment for my clinical submitted Thursday night. Friday afternoon I completed my pharmacology mid-term and finished compiling the data of my research group's project. I need to add my findings and get that submitted Saturday and Bob's yer uncle. After all the grind of the week, I had nothing left over for studying the 150 or so pages for dosage calculation, the quiz being due before midnight on Friday. I took an intense hour to skim through the book, doing quiz questions here and there to make sure I understood  how the calculations were done. To my bafflement, I whizzed through with an 80. *whew* better than I had a right to expect. 

I really need an A on my pharmacology test, and I hope all the hours I spent on it pay off. 

Sorry- I just realized that me fretting out loud must be crushingly dull to read. I'm just relieved that the heaviest deadlines of my weekend have been met. 

I decided that one reason I'm so fried lately is that I have no down- time to recharge my batteries. Decided I'm going to insist on this. Starting to read a Neil Gaiman book on Saturday. I think this will help me break out of the perpetual feeling that life had become one big pressure-filled series of world-crushing dominoes. 

So. Yeah. Puppies! I have sweet, furballs. Life is good, anyway. 


Vinogirl said...

Stressful, but meeting deadlines feels so good though. Hope you get your 'A'!

Old NFO said...

Congrats, and you WILL be expected to make decisions and handle drugs under pressure... you KNOW you can do it. Hang in there!

Ed Skinner said...

We read, we're inspired. Get 'em!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Puppies and books that are not textbooks! Good move.

drjim said...

Always good to take a rest stop when you can.

Old NFO is right....your profession will require you to make correct decisions under pressure, so look at this as extra "training time".

Jennifer said...

Hooray for furballs!
Let us know when you have a break. We'll plan something fun.