Friday, June 15, 2012

unladylike license plates:

Poking around on the 'nets, I found the site where you can customize your very own Texas license plates, and some of those in pink, yet!  It will also tell you if the custom wordage (limit of 6 letters, plz!) with with you wish to express the essence of your being are available. 

Naturally, I had to try a handful of naughty ones, a few of which were actually available.  See photos at right. They are also available in an array of fashion colors, but I choose pink, of course. :)

I snapped these photos and sent out to friends. 

LabRat, Stingray and aepilot_jim all heartily agreed I should get the 9U55Y, but there was a party who conscientiously objected to officially having an opinion and the following  text message conversation ensued:

MYSELF:  Subtle enough? (about 9U55Y)
MYSELF:  What do you think? I'm a hair's breadth from ordering this
HIMSELF: Umm . . . Honey, the first word I saw was "pussy"
MYSELF: Well done!
MYSELF: Friends all like it, too. it's unanimous?
MYSELF: How long would I get away with it?
MYSELF: So.  Ladybits or pussy?
HIMSELF: I feel I should probably remain non-committal on this
 HIMSELF: Because when you put a "Please pull me over and ticket me" license plate on LouLou, I can be innocently supportive. :-d

Visions of barely surreptitious bawdery were dancing through my head when I foolishly asked my mom's opinion.  She said "shouldn't you really be spending that money on your education instead?"

Of course, Mom is right.  But when I finish school and I hit the big time, I'm totally getting  a nasty license plate.  :P  I'm tacky like that.  Or maybe at that point I will have grown up, heaven forbid.


Erin Palette said...

I'm sorry, but I don't see "pussy."

I see "gussy." And if you have to explain the joke it doesn't work.

agirlandhergun said...

I think for the next several weeks I am gonna have to stop coming here...laughing that hard hurts:)

Joe Allen said...

Once, in the dark ages before computers and the interwebs, I tried to get "4QSELF", but the lady at the DMV gave me the stink-eye and I just slinked (slunk?) away in shame.

HerrBGone said...

I would need two adioional letters/numbers for my prefered plate:


I came up with a few otheres a long time ago - but I've since forgotten them.

If my plan to convert an old jail into a Bed & Breakfast had come to fruition I would have bought a Ford Transit Connect as the 'company car' and had this for it's plate:


Buck said...

Heh. I like the way your mind works, Girl.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

That's absolutely hilarious!

NotClauswitz said...

I saw "guppy" FWIW... my nasty gene is mis-spliced.

Ruth said...

Have to admit I had to stop and think about the "9U55Y" one myself, but then I made the connection....somehow I don't think I could get away with that one up here in NY....

Anonymous said...

AZMVD (yeah, not DMV!?) used to have two full-time employees to filter out 'questionable' plate names. Our tax dollars at work.
Last I heard any peace officer could pull you over and pull the plate if it somehow slipped by, and was 'offensive'. (so much for not able to disturb an officer's peace!)
The best one that made it through?
3M TA3
EAT ME in the rear view mirror!
Tax dollars...

Matt G said...

HU55Y seemed more to my tastes.

Or BRAZEN. (Which probably needn't be tricked up, but maybe BRAZN or 8RAZEN would be as good.)

Anonymous said...

Saw one in California years ago said "COSTASS" prbly a story there.


Old NFO said...

Too funny... :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't do it.


Flash from the past.