Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So, at the NRA convention...

Well, I have yet to do the full recap of my reflections on the NRA convention, but lately a conversation I had there at the hotel has been sort of sticking in my craw.  A man who teaches self defense told me he was bothered by how many women have CHLs these days because that creates more problems than it solves.  He said matter of fact, women shouldn't even carry purses and that would stop some crime.  He also said that instead of using a gun in most situations, women would be better off to throw their hands up, scream and run away. 

Maybe he was baiting me, but he looked stone cold serious.

Fortunately for the both of us, I'd just driven 12 hours and then drank some champagne, and I couldn't be bothered to rise to the bait. 

What would be the point, anyway?

As for the issue of throwing up one's pretty little hands and running-- last I heard a person could be killed from behind about as effectively as they can be from the front.  Last I heard, like a rabid dog, a predator is only going to be excited to greater fervor by someone who runs.  Why run? If someone is bent on harming me, I'm taking some of their DNA with me, by golly, and I won't get that shit by running.  Kicking and screaming.  Cornered Cat and all that.



Gaffer said...

I certainly hope he was trying to get you to react. The ladies have the same rights as men...and like men should be offered the opportunity to defend themselves.
Ignore all foolish statements that would take away any of your rights.

daniels said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here. I don't know quite what is meant by

"how many women have CHLs these days because that creates more problems than it solves"

To be honest, the more CHL holders the better IMHO. Still, there IS merit to the Nike Defense.

Rule number 1 to surviving a defensive situation is DON'T BE THERE. Avoid the situation entirely. Don't carry a purse in a bad part of town. Even better, don't go to that part of town.

Rule number 2 to surviving a defensive situation is to RUN. Get away. Get out of the situation as fast as you can. Moving targets are hard to shoot, so MOVE.

Now that I've got that out of the way: Does this mean that you have no right to wander the bad part of town with a purse held loosely in one hand while wearing a low cut top, short skirt, and high heels? Sure, you have that RIGHT, but it doesn't make it a good idea.

You also have the right to Stand Your Ground, and I'll support that right until the day I die. That being said, it is often the safer and more prudent decision to retreat.

At any rate, that's my $0.02 (adjusted for inflation) and YMMV, but I think that this MAY have been what was being (poorly) implied by this individual.

breda said...

Please, do tell us the name of this self-defense trainer. Inquiring minds and all that.

phlegmfatale said...

gaffer - thanks.
daniels - thanks for weighing in

breda - all I can tell you is his name was Nick - I didn't get a card and pinched the conversation off rather quickly

Old NFO said...

More women with more guns= more protected women... period... That guy was an ass...

Rabbit said...

I can't do the Nike defense. I'm obviously going to avoid putting myself in a situation that is externally dangerous to me, but if danger comes and brushes up against me or mine, it's damn sure going to feel my teeth in its throat.

On a happy note, SWMBO is in process with her CHL.

Joe Allen said...

What an idiot! "throw their hands up, scream and run away"?!?

If he were a real self defense instructor he would know that a woman's first line of defense is to make herself vomit on her assailant!

Jeez, even the Illinois state police know that!

agirlandhergun said...

I like Old NFO's comment.

phlegmfatale said...

Old NFO - you speak truth.

Rabbit - Amen. And good on SWMBO

Joe Allen - the entire conversation was mystifying to me. Disturbing, too.

agirlandhergun - I'm with you there, pal!

lotta joy said...

I hope you didn't inform him that women are now allowed to vote, work outside the home and drive. We are definitely accidents waiting to happen and need men like him to save us....or outrun us.

Matt G said...

If he's the guy that I'm thinking of, I actually started a blog about him yesterday, and yes, I was going to call him and his company out by name.

Watch me do it.