Wednesday, June 27, 2012

online metronome

My guitar lessons are going well.  I played one piece on Sunday's lesson-- my third-- and my teacher burst into a huge grin.   He's having me work on my positioning by playing chromatic scales to a metronome.

He referred me to a metronome that is online.
THis is mighty handy!  I still think the tactile part of working with a metronome makes them worthwhile to have and use, but having a quick and easy tool online (is there a metronome app?) is as handy as a handle on a pig. 


Old NFO said...

So... we're gonna get a serenade??? :-)

Evyl Robot Michael said...

I've got an old, German-made windey that I loaned to Teen Bot until the clicking gave him a headache. That's when we located an Android ap metronome that he could download on his Kindle Fire. That is now his metronome.

Mark said...

I bought my #2 daughter and #1 son android tablets and #2 Dau the musical prodigy who wants to play any and every instrument, immediately found a metronome app for her tablet. She is also learning to play guitar to go with her C Flute, C Fife, G Fife and A Fife. Now I just need to buy a new electric keyboard as the old one bit the dust.

Good luck with your playing.

charlotte g said...

Please send Matt G. the web site. both his daughters are currently taking guitar lessons--their second this week.