Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I may have enough self control, but I may not.

I am still striving for an A in my class this first summer term, but I must warn you there may be a post when grades are final in which I set afoot a blistering beast of vitriol trailing great swags of obscenity in its wake. 

I looked up the professor on rate my professor.com, and the only two ratings that are not witheringly negative appear to be sock puppets

Intercoursing prostitute.  Wait till she gets the review I'm going to give her.  I won't use obscenity(on rate my professor), and it will all be ugly and it will be the absolute truth.  Here, OTOH, I reserve the right to vent 31 new and hideous flavours of spleen in as many vulgar ways as I can muster.

Gird your loins, darlings.  It's going to be ugly.
For now, light blogging as my eyes are still on the prize, but to say I'm mad as hell would be an understatement.


Joe Allen said...

When you do, please share with us the link to the professor.com excoriation.

I enjoy a good profanity laden rant as much as the next guy (usually, I am the next guy) - and sometimes, nothing will release that old spiritual constipation like dropping the f-bomb on a Dresden like scale.

But... it's always entertaining to watch someone with a finely honed snark lay about some deserving lout, leaving them fully flensed, blood pooling about their ankles - all with language that wouldn't raise a finely plucked eyebrow at Grandma's tea party.

I'll be stocking up on popcorn and gummi bears in anticipation of a fine evening's entertainment!

I've even found some shoes that fit just the occasion: http://i.imgur.com/ENPXb.jpg

Old NFO said...

Vent here, maybe I can learn a few 'new' words... :-)

BGMiller said...

Well, you certainly know how to build the anticipation.

Joe Allen has the popcorn?

I'll bring the beer.


Jennifer said...

Ooh! I love a good rant.
And you don't deserve to have to deal with such a terrible professor.

Keads said...

Let it fly!

Christina RN LMT said...

Holy crap, what has she done? Or not done? I rilly, rilly want to know!

PPPP said...

Well, maybe not new words, but it's often in the delivery that new means of creativity can be found.

Or new words.

Yeah. Them'll do too.

Matt G said...

Nail the A. Then nail her in the reviews.

Sic 'em, Phlegmmy.

Anonymous said...

Get the A; but goodie-I am an ancient retired sailor always eager to learn new profanity.