Monday, January 30, 2012

a song that always makes me happy

I was delighted to find this stripped down version of the Supertramp classic Breakfast in America featuring only its composer Roger Hodgson on vocals and keyboard and a soprano sax. He's producing good vocals more than 3 decades down the line from the first time I heard this, and it's nice to hear a voice still sounding in its prime because it's been properly used. Still love this song for its its bouncy optimism and the wistful, lovely melodic line.

I first heard this around the time my family moved from Arkansas to Texas, and though I love the Ozarks and always will, this was the gateway to a happier time in my life, and this feels like moving forward in a very good way. :)

Come on you little fighter
no need to get uptighter
Come on you little fighter,
and get back up again.
It's Raining Again by Supertramp

Here's hoping we all have a bouncy, optimism-worthy week.

Cheers, darlings!

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