Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogging should return to normal soon...

or sort of normal. I've just been busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

Worked a full day Friday then tooled into Dallas and hit Ikea and then on to Nordstrom Rack where I did some serious damage. Took 3 large bags of stuff over to Mom and Pop's and tried stuff on from my 30 minutes in Nordstrom ($$$ spent, needed to be sure). Spent the night, went to brekky with Mom and Dad and heard some great stories about uppity old ladies in the town in Arkansas where Dad grew up, and they'll have to be shared here soon.

Bought a little pair of diamond earrings for my niece, and she seemed thrilled. I told her she is MY diamond. It's amazing how much love you can have in your heart for a youngster, isn't it? And it's wonderful, too. I treasure every second I get to spend with her. And my nephew, too. :)

Good stuff.

Went to Norstrom at the Galleria and couldn't find my shoes for stage. Bought the first decent coat (on a very good sale) that I've had in years, and this one will last me for years, so long as I don't let wild puppies walller it. Had my hair cut, had an incredible Thai chicken salad at Panera, and got shoes! Shoes! But no shoes for the stage, alas. TOok my returns to Nordstrom Rack where I spent more hours, and headed home from Dallas about 4 hours later than I'd originally intended.


I feel invigorated. Can't wait to wear my bitchy new shoesies. YAY!

A FEW WORDS ON TOLL ROADS IN THE DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA: Every illegal alien who has run into me on roads in Dallas has never had car insurance. Qu'elle suprise! I have observed an absolute dearth of rattle-trap broke-down P.O.S. - type vehicles on the toll-roads in the Metroplex where one must fork over hot, fresh dosh to drive thereupon. I deem that this toll is a small price to pay for traffic that flows smoothly, and is populated nearly entirely by people who care about not banging up their chariots. Count me in. I plotted my course in and out of the shopping areas on those Toll Roads. (I remember when Hwy 121 was just another regular road, btw, but I'll take this-- good quality roadway, new, no cars on fire on the median.) Well worth it at twice the price.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? If you must drive in the DFW area, it's well worth your while to seek out the toll roads. Spend five minutes on hoi polloi expressway (Stemmons) and you'll wish you were on the George Bush turnpike. Srsly.


Ed Skinner said...

Never realized that, undoubtedly because I've avoided them on all my visits. I'll change my GPS "Avoid" settings for the trip next week and bring some cash to see how it goes for an out-of-towner. I have one trip over to Watauga for dinner with a friend where it may be particularly helpful instead of sitting at a dead stop on the 635.

Old NFO said...

That is a true statement Phlegmmy, I always use the toll roads!