Monday, January 16, 2012

The Christmas decorations are down!

And it's not even Valentine's Day yet. Have you seen those giant storage bags from Ziploc? I LOVE those things. All the garlands and decorations pretty much fit into 3 of those. I have some Christmas stuff ready to go to Goodwill, but at least it's all sorted and out of sight. I can imagine the owners of the immaculate property kitty-corner to me must have been losing their minds over my failure to remove the decorations. Furthermore, it wouldn't have happened without the capable and gallant Himself, who generously lent a hand on staple pulling and what not, particularly on the high bits on Sunday morning.

I was sort of in a cleaning frenzy Sunday in efforts to get things really ready for when I go to school on Tuesday morning. I don't know why, but it's extraordinarily difficult for me to keep horizontal surfaces free of clutter. Yeah, I know I should put things away immediately after using/bringing them in from the store/etc, but it seems nigh impossible. Nearly half the stuff on the dining table is related to painting the trim (or is the corner and divider blocks for the molding) and it seems impossible to not have renovation-related stuff littering up table tops, etc.

My front door is one of those steel-clad kind (with, I'm sure, a foam-core of some sort), and it's white and I'm befuddled as to how, but it was extremely grungey. I'm a devoted fan of Lysol Dual Action wipes with the textured side for de-glopping things. Still, I don't get how this door got so dirty. It's not as though I have a cavalcade of booger-coated chilluns running in and out but there were unidentifiable muck and oomska on the door. Needless to saym, the Lysol Dual Action Wipes were put to some serious hard use there. My cheapie front door is still a pig's ear, but at least it's a clean piggy, now. I was surprised to see how the (apparent) action of the Christmas wreath moving against the door worked a little gouge into the powder-coated paint. Odd.

Ah, well, it's all a work in progress, innit? The living room is clean again, and that alone seems like a miracle. Most of the laundry is done, too. Hopefully with a little effort tomorrow night, I'll have the dining room completely cleaned up, too. I need the table for homework.

I know it probably seems odd that since my tendency is clutter that I should feel a desperate need to have it all clean before class begins. Maybe it's just a psychological line of demarcation for me? I dunno. I just know I feel like I'll go nuts if this is not all sorted out by this time tomorrow night.

I'll get there.


Anonymous said...

It's called the horizontal - vertical filing system. Or as my mother rather tartly phrased it, "Your office has more piles than does a proctologist's office!"

They are not piles, they are filing stacks.


Old NFO said...

LOL, sounds like you're just being proactive, you 'know' you're not going to have time to clean after class starts!

Vinogirl said...

I love those huge bags. I put all my clothes in them before I put them in my suitcase...that way if any wine I am carrying for Thud has an accident, perhaps my clothes will be semi safe.

Windy Wilson said...

I also suffer from packrattery and clutter, and I find I clean up as a sort of round-robin procrastination. Was there any other preparation you needed to do before school started? If not, I'd go with Old NFO's theory.