Friday, January 06, 2012

But I'm not an athlete!!!

I have to admit I've been in a serious funk for a couple of weeks. Himself sagely surmised that the puppies wanted me to have a sensational pair of shoes for Christmas, and so the puppies got me the shoes. Alas, I have not been able to wear them because one of my toes has gone full-on athletic. Actually, it is on the mend, but I'm at a loss as to where I may have picked up athlete's foot. The only place I've been near the bare feet of strangers has been at the Yoga studio. *ew* You take off your shoes in the foyer there and leave them on racks. I think I'll be wearing socks in and out, from now on.

Anyway, it's miserable stuff. From commercials I've half-way paid attention to, I thought athlete's foot itches. This hasn't itched-- it's hurt like a screaming mofo. Like wake-me-up-at-4AM hurting. Apparently some people have this on and off for years. I don't know how anyone stands that. I hope this is a one-time thing for me, too. *le sigh*

I want to wear my new shoes.

Maybe it'll all be better when I wake up in the morning?
There's no place like home. *click* *click* *click*


Jess said...

I had it when I was child. Damned stuff was on both feet with a painful itch and cracks that would open and bleed.

I don't remember what my parents used to get rid of the crud, except it was green and burned like hellfire when they put it on my feet.

Chuck Kuecker said...

The stuff must be airborne - I don't frequent places where I would expect to get infected, either, and i get an outbreak once in a while.

Spray antifungal seems to work for me - "Tinactin" or the generic.

It wasn't Me said...

I caught that stuff while I was in the barracks in Sub school in Connecticut. It got worse and spread to other places after I got the sub. It never really seams to go away. When ever the weather turns really damp and humid it comes back. The quickest way I found to kill it is bleach. Get in the shower and wash all the affected areas with straight bleach. After the bleach clean up with your usual soap. After the shower bleach the tub. Repeat as necessary. If you catch it fast it's over in 48 hours. It is a nasty solution and you really need to have good ventilation but it does work fast.

Peter said...

There is a way to completely end athlete's foot. It sounds disgusting but it works better than any medication or concoction for which one pays money.

It's really very simple. Go in the shower and pee on your toes, wait a few minutes and then shower normally.

I had my last case of athlete's foot in 1964, in boot camp. I fell out for sick call, my DI asked what for, I told him and he then gave me the secret. (And a couple thumps)

Yes, it sounds disgusting but it works.

Kristophr said...

The only time I ever get foot fungus is from the locker room of whatever place I was exercising at.

It seems to be the main vector for this crap. It's why it's named athlete's foot.

You should not risk re-infection. Get rid of ALL of your shoes, and have your significant other help you replace them all.