Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tree ferns with a Currawong chorus *insomnia post*

So I woke up about 4am and after laying in bed for nearly an hour, I came in to look up things on my Ausralian Tree Fern which I've given up on keeping outside. I brought it in last night in hopes of saving the plant. Then I found this video:

I found this other video with the unusual birdsong of Currawong (or Kookaburra), which is apparently the Australian Raven. What handsome beasties!

Merry merry king of the bush is he.

Mom sang me the Kookaburra song when I was a little kid. It's funny that I remember her singing so much, because she is very shy of singing in front of people. But I guess with us, as little kids, she was comfortable to sing, and she was always tuneful and made me fall in love with many a melody.

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Auntie J said...

My mom used to sing me the Kookaburra song, too!