Saturday, July 02, 2011

I can't remember where I found this, but I LOVE it.

I think it was posted on a conservative blog, but not one I visit very often. If it's yours, drop me a comment and I'll give credit where it's due. This is simply too delectable not to pass along.

Adam Savage does a Gollum turn on "I Will Survive"



Carteach said...

LOLOLOL! First big smile of the day. Thanks!

Old NFO said...

Too funny! Bad part is he sings better than I do :-(

Roscoe said...

Out-geeking Neil Gaiman isn't easy.

My guess is that he was there talking about his "Doctor Who" episode, HBO commissioning "American Gods" as a miniseries, or both. Serious geek cred only a Mythbuster could top.

Roscoe said...

The other geek-cool thing I saw on YouTube this weekend.

I've seen the movie but without the aid of subtitles. Fortunately, Yamato is a very familiar storyline.