Saturday, July 23, 2011

...and I thought Himself had exaggerated.

Himself has many times regaled me with fashion horrors that come in to court, their offenders ostensibly hoping to make a favorable impression on the judge. There have been mentions of tank tops festooned with vulgar text, including worn by the mother of the accused.

A couple weeks ago, I had business to attend at the county courthouse. I don't mind going to the Courthouse, and I always see some nice S.O. personnel I know, but it's just that the office I had to go to was reached by the same elevator that goes to the courts.

Stopping on one of the court floors on the way down, a woman got onto the elevator in heels, hotpants and what I can only imagine was her very best eye-buzzingly yellow tube-top, big cheap-assed hoop earrings you could drive a tour bus through, and one 5 or 6 year old boy in tow.

Not judging, youse understand, but except for the puzzlement of the presence of the child, I rather wondered if she had just been sprung on prostitution charges or some such.

Apparently not. The paper in her hand said she was in court filing for child support.



Home on the Range said...

Hey, it costs a lot to look that cheap!.

Best to you my dear

Steelghost said...

I'd wonder which child the support was for, the 5 year old boy or her.

Mrs. Widget said...

Same here.
This month I accompanied my youngest for her divorce. She's in her Army uniform, I'm in a dress suit. Most people dressed up. A few guys in work clothes (faded jeans, scuffed work boots), part of that is after court probably going to work. The woman in the tank top and shorts, you could see her back tattoo was a treat.

Auntie J said...

We saw some interesting stuff the day we went to court to in response to my brother's appeal of his child support finding (he didn't like that he had to pay me so much money for his kids). Nothing quite that crazy, though. Just a lot of labor-work clothes. The stories told to the judge, now...THOSE were entertaining. (All of the cases we observed that day, waiting for our turn, were support-related.) The presiding judge really has no tolerance for BS, of which there was plenty shoveled about that day. (This same judge presided over our custody suit.)

I think the fact that we live in the middle of a very conservative area of PA (lots of Amish, Mennonite and Plain folk around) helps contribute to the lack of truly astonishing courtroom dress.

Old NFO said...

Do a ride along some time... THEN you will truly see a plethora of 'unusual' modes of dress...

Spikessib said...

Tink's Mom and I were discussing starting a "People of the Hospital" page to record some of the interesting outfits deemed appropriate for hospital visitation. I expect court is similar.

Anonymous said...

She needs larger hoops earings, hence why she is filing for child support.