Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm sicky. I woke up Tuesday with my right tonsil all swollen and painful. I felt better as the day wore on, but still generally felt vaguely craptastic. Going to the doctor today. Goody.


Jay G said...

Feel better soon Phlegmmy!

Anonymous said...

how you feel better soon!!!!!!!!

did the doc have any diagnosis?


Christina RN LMT said...

Awww...sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather, Phlegmmy. Hope the doc can help you and you feel better ASAP!

Farmmom said...

Feel better soon!!!! Lots of hot tea the tannins help.

Auntie J said...

Since everyone else is offering their prescriptions for what ails you, I simply tell you: two chocolate chip cookies, and call me in the morning.

Feel better soon!

Old NFO said...

Get RID of the tonsils... then you get to eat ice cream :-)

Roscoe said...

So I wasn't the only one watching MTV at 11:30 on Sunday nights in 1985. :)

Doesn't Viv try acupuncture later on ... using six inch nails?

My favorite is "University Challenge" from "Bambi" -- some very familiar faces here representing Footlights including Emma Thompson in, IIRC, her first on-screen appearance.

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks, Jay!

b- infected tonsil resulting from infected sinus. Pooh.

Christina - Thanks!

FarmMom- Tea! sounds perfect!

Auntie J - how about a maple donut???

Old NFO - tempting. tempting.

Roscoe - Yup - I saw the Young Ones in the 80s. I LOVED University Challenge. It also featured the brilliant Ben ELton, Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie, didn't it? Fabulous!

Roscoe said...

"The Young Ones" was an important series for a lot of careers. The UK entertainment industry is a comparatively small comunity.

Roscoe said...

BTW, if you've never seen it, the BBC's "Spaced" offers an updated (mid 90s) look at slacker communal living in the UK.

The humor is generally a lot more low key, but, at times, "Spaced" pegs the surreal meter just as hard as "The Young Ones" ever did.