Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't hate be because I'm bootie-ful.

I know I show you shoes all the time that cost oodles of cash and in truth, even though I wantses them, Precious, I usually don't succumb to the temptation. I suppose festooning my blog with these pretties is a proxy thrill and I don't have to go through the painful prospect of spending a weeks' wages or -- HORRORS! -- more, on such lovely shoes.

I'm afraid I really have to have Vince Camuto's Suni wedge bootie, though. Me love them. LONG. TIME. These ping all my footie thrill meters with their mega-watt features. Nice leather. Lots of nicely cross-hatched laces. Wedge heels. TALL! 4" with 1/2" platform. Sweet!!! Plus, if I didn't already completely justify their purchase, they'll be just so with a steampunk ensemble I'm making for myself. *SQUEEE!*

Now, laugh all you want at this platform silver disco bootie, but I really, really really would like to have these, too. Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties. Even the name is one letter off from being made for me.

Alas, though, I already have a pair of silver platform oxfords in my collection, so I'm sort of covered.

OTOH, if a rich relative I don't know I have should up and leave me oodles of dosh in the very near future (i.e., ain't gonna happen), I would definitely buy this shoe in, oh, several colors.

In truth, though, I'll settle for the tamer, more reasonable version of reality with those wedges up top. YUMMY!!!


Farmmom said...

Those are really cute. And the price isn't that bad. I was looking for boots not long ago and the prices scared me

Old NFO said...

I STILL don't see how you can walk in those... :-)

Anonymous said...

I am, alas, with Old NFO. If I can't run in them, I don't buy them. A four inch heel is too much for my poor knee and hip as well. The boot is cute, though, and about the only wedge I've seen that I'd buy.

charlotte g said...

I've watched women in those 4 inchers, and the walk is kinda weird. Like, your knees are bent all the time. Forty years ago, I fell off my 3-inchers at a sorority party and vowed never again. You youngsters are nuts. You can dress any way you want and you want to do THAT to your knees and feet? My. my.(said she, with one knee done and one to go, and probably a little sensitive about joint damage.)