Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reno update: bathroom progress report

So, as have whinged on previously, I thought the bathroom here was beastly. It had paneling which I'm sure could have been much, much worse, but this paneling grated on my nerves something fierce. Cliched though it may be, I decided to go with basic white, for a change. There are some things in this bathroom which still drive me 'round the bend, but bit by bit they are being addressed.

Pet peeve: the paneling is of a cheap variety with photo-copied on woodgrain. It looked almost pixelated. ew. The color was not ugly, and as paneling goes, it could have been much, much worse. I still grew tired of it quite quickly. Solution: paint! Well, Zinsser, and then paint!

Then it's about that cheap, ugly-assed light fixture over the sink. MAJOR pet peeve. My ex boss used to put these in all the lofts because it was the absolutely cheapest thing on the market. Ugly. Home-made sin looks like a beauty queen next to this hideous fixture. Still, this bit of beastliness is still in the bathroom. Pick yer battles, ya know? One day, I'll get an electrical guy in here, and then this fixture will be going to the range with me for a ritual killing. Therapy!

Pet peeve: recessed medicine cabinet mounted on the exterior of wall, all sticky-outy and the lights were behind the front edge, so if you leaned close to the mirror, your face was in the dark. Poor planning. Solution: bye-bye, ugly cabinet! Hello sleek new mirror.

So, there's lots more to do in here, but at least it's moving along. This house is full of things that are varying degrees of undesireable. As I said, it's coming along bit by bit. Baby steps, and all that. :) For now, though, the white looks SOOOO much better, and baths are more soothing in this room now. :)


Hunter said...

Yes, well, the bathroom in our 103 year old house was last remodeled in the sixties. Faded Pepto-Bismol pink, little one-inch hand-grouted tiles, and no shower head.
It, the kitchen, and the back pantry are all that remain to be remodeled/renovated. Next year, maybe. '13 for sure. Looking forward to how you finish yours, all ideas contribute to what we end up with.

Ladybug Crossing said...

I love what you've done with the place! That paneling was simply awful..
When you are finished with your bathrooms, you can come and re-do mine - okay? Mine have 1980's wall paper and textured sheet vinyl flooring -- oh so NOT attractive.

Farmmom said...

Bring the fixture out in October. We will set it up alongside of my old cell phone and make some smoke and noise! :D

Guffaw in AZ said...


Auntie J said...

The changes are wonderful. Fire a ceremonial round for me at that fixture when you do the ritual killing, wouldja? (Man, that sucker would trigger migraines.)

Old NFO said...

And MUCH brighter too! One step at a time, slow and easy :-)

Roscoe said...

The light bar fixtures are easily removed/replaced, but there may be a hideous hole lurking back there that the wires pass through.