Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hide rant.

Friday I had the displeasure of spending hours on the phone with a woman bearing all the fluffy, cuddly attributes of a rattlesnake. This razor-tongued harpy brought even my supremely diplomatic self to points of profound bluntness.

She complained a vendor had said something horrible to her. I told her that was appalling, unacceptable language and I apologized, said she should not have been spoken to in that way. I went on to say that if she had been as abusive to that vendor as she had been to me, well, I completely understood what inspired his rudeness.

Instead of responding to what I said, she just took off in another, ranty direction. It was bizarre, like some wind-up toy that hits a wall, spins on its heels and goes listing off on some other tack, endlessly spooling what is obviously an oft-employed, mindless ranting method.

Later on, she said

"...and who knows if they're going to come tomorrow, and what are you going to do tomorrow when it's 6:00 and they're not there and you're not around, you're not gonna be around tomorrow. Where you gonna be? Are you gonna be available tomorrow 24-7 to address this when this comes up?"

I uttered the unvarnished truth: "Absolutely not."

Seriously. Why should I come to work on my off-day to listen to someone who doesn't want solutions, only wants to abuse?

She ended the call by saying I was going to clock out and not think of her again at 8:00 pm.

Oh, if only.

She obviously gets some big emotional payoff from ranting. I really wonder about people like that. You fix the problem and there's still this endless pool of angst and vitriol, blurting out like water from a hydrant. They never heard the thing about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar, because they never shut up long enough. Fortunately, I don't ever have to deal with her again.


Farmmom said...

Those people really make you appreciate the nice ones though. I'm sorry you had to put up with someone like that.

Will talk to you this afternoon.
Love you

Midwest Chick said...

Some folks don't want solutions, they just want to complain. I've had my sister calling to complain about something and when I start suggesting fixes, she'll just sigh and say 'Look, I just need to vent. I don't want a solution.'

Auntie J said...

Gah. I love my job now; I mostly deal with other employees of my company, and not the public. I spent a year and a half working for the company that manages all of The Limited, Inc.'s store credit cards. I have horror stories from my time dealing with Victoria's Secret Credit Card customers...and the catalog "customer service" associates.

I feel for you.

You have more nerve than I did!

Old NFO said...

Ouch... people like that suck... too bad you can't 'bump' them up a level and let a supervisor try to deal with em...

Jon said...

Never eat at the same table with such people. You become guilty by association and may not like some ingrediants.