Tuesday, June 28, 2011

for a brief instant,

I considered looking up the previous skidmark post on Snopes, and then I thought "why spoil the fun?" I've since heard rumblings that the story has be debunked. Ah, well.


My one year anniversary came recently at my job. I'm really happy I made the switch, and I've never once doubted my decision. My colleagues are very nice, most of the customers are a delight to assist, and I always feel like in helping myself, I'm really helping other people, which is gratifying to me, for some demented reason. The folks at the company make great show of appreciating my efforts and the fact that I really care, so that is happy-making for me too. Generally, even working tons of overtime, I'm always enjoying what I'm doing and trying to excel my previous efforts. Again, I'm so happy a friend pointed me in the direction of the company, and I'm glad I took the chance and made the leap. :)


It's about 110 degrees every day, lately. My attic is poorly insulated and the 8 remaining of the original 14 windows are sieve-like at best. I'm sort of to the point where if my house can stay 20 or 25 degrees below the outdoor temperature in daytime, I have to be grateful for that. This coming weekend, to my delight, the issue of the insulation in the attic will be put to rest as some dear friends and Himself will be installing insulation. Yays!
I'm so looking forward to that. :)

Have a great Tuesday.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Happy jobiversary! You obviously made the right move, and being able to work from home is more proof of that.

Old NFO said...

Insulation is good :-) And congrats on 'surviving' a year already!!!

BGMiller said...

Working in an attic in hundred plus degree temps...


Those are some serious friends you have dear lady. And Himself seems to be earning some points as well.