Tuesday, June 07, 2011
Phlegmfest June 2011: The Spankening.
Yes, you read that correctly. Himself and I hosted the gathering of The Tribe at my place last weekend, and this one was my favorite so far. There were some dear folk who would have improved the occasion but couldn't make it, but the rest of us soldiered on and did enough R&R for our number tenfold.

As happens when you get this many sexy, adorable women together, there was a fair bit of grab-butt played, mostly between said sexy, adorable women. Several of them synchronized for an attack on me while I was mid sentence, but I didn't miss a beat, finished my utterance and declared "I've been gang-spanked!"

The esteemed attendees, in no particular order, were: Ambulance Driver and Katy Beth, Sci-Fi and lovely wife; Atomic Nerds, Christina, Jennifer and Evyl Robot; Mulligan and Pa and girlfriend; JPG and Holly(birthday girl!); Matt G; NcongruNt; FarmGirl, FarmMom and FarmDad; Spear; Old NFO; Tolewyn; Chris ex Machina. If I left anyone off, please kick me and I'll correct this. I'm still wiped out and not thinking entirely clearly.

I swear I saw a tear sparkling in Ambulance Driver's eye as Katy Beth proudly showed him her first tramp stamp (which I assured her will come off with baby oil, or good, clean living). I know it was an emotional time for him.

I cooked my first brisket, and I think it turned out quite well, but next time I'll do more like 20 lbs rather than 12.5. Thanks to Old NFO for KP on the roaster, and thanks to the lovely bevy of Kitchen Bitches who left my kitchen SOOO much cleaner than it was when you all arrived. :) FarmMom made some toe-curling tater salad, and that was wonderful. The well made a fabulous drink repository with the kiddie pool liner. The Nerd Beer was fabulous. Jennifer's lumpia were delectable. Mulligan's lady's sopapilla cheesecake was decadent as was Mulligan's cheese dip. The whole weekend was chock-full of grand times, good food and great guns.

Did I mention there were guns? Evyl's holsters are marvelous, and one lovely soul bequeathed a proper pistol upon me which will be my carry gun forthwith. I'm planning Evyl to make me a shoulder holster for that one. Yee haw!

The folks who arrived early set to helping get last minute spruce-ups done. Old NFO suggested we need to have a bigger, construction-style task ready and just use the gang while they are in town. I'm thinking I could do a barn-raisin', a la Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, replete with technicolor wardrobe, yeah? I call dibs on the redheaded brute, though, ladies.

It's such a privilege to have such lovely, wonderful people as friends. Family, actually. I consider you Family, and that's the highest compliment I can pay you. From the first guests to arrive to the last ones we grudgingly bid adieu at about 1:00AM Monday, the entire weekend was grand and I can't say enough how honored I was to have you all as guests, and I hope to see you all again very soon.
Cheers, m'dears!!!
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