Friday, May 21, 2010

Theme Song For Vacation Days

About 3 months ago I was in Home Depot buying stuff and I heard this song on the PA. VERY cool tune, but I couldn't discern enough of the lyrics, and internet searches at the time were fruitless. Thought it sounded like if someone gave Amy Winehouse a cheeseburger and made her step away from the speedballs. Wait? I didn't just type that out loud, did I? Good. I didn't think so.

Thursday (last of my 3 days of vacation WOOHOO), I got a new set of tars* for LouLou, had an eye appointment and ordered new glasses, then there was the iPhone... busy busy... I was sitting by my ownsome in a restaurant at lunch- a place I wouldn't normally go, and then this song came on and I heard enough of the lyric to hang my hat on, et voila. All my moments are lead to that one. Founded it!

Australian beauty Gabriella Cilmi singing Sweet About Me. Love it. :) Have a great Friday.



Christina RN LMT said...

Happy Friday, Sweetie!

Roscoe said...

Tires ain't pretty.

The late great Sam Behr, owner of "Behr's We Fit Any Human" shoe store in Orlando. The tire commercials were his side gig.

Sigh. Florida used to be fun.

Old NFO said...

Good for you :-) Enjoy the day!

Keads said...

Enjoy your day and I liked the song! Thanks! Yeah, I need to get some "tars" too. Very soon!

Sarah said...

I love it when I find out enough about a song that I randomly heard to, you know, go buy it.

Incidentally, there are iPhone apps that identify the artist, song title, and album if you hold up the iPhone while the track's playing - fantastic when you're listening to the radio and want to know about the current song.

Thud said...

A family fav...a very happy bouncy tune indeed.