Friday, May 28, 2010


Last day of work was Wednesday so I could wrap up some things before I start my new job Tuesday. I took LouLou in to dad's shop in Dallas yesterday for an alignment to make sure the tires won't be ruined by maladjustment, and this morning I have to see my old orthodontist to check my retainers.

Turns out I have to take LouLou back in after the dr appointment to have new rotors and brakes. I hope to be heading back home by end of day, but my stay in Dallas may be longer than planned.

So much for goof-off time, eh? I'm glad I had the time off to take care of this, too.

Another post again soon. Cheers!


Old NFO said...

Better to fix it now than have it bite you later... goof off time? What's that??? Good luck with the new position!

Vinogirl said...

Good luck with the new job!

Keads said...

Best of luck to you in the new gig!