Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here we are with grilling season rapping us on the backs of the thighs with a greasy spatula.

Time to think of creative ways to deliver fiery peppers, oily cheese and sweet, sweet bacon.

I saw this on the Sur la Table site and I've gotta get me one: chile pepper grill rack and corer. At $20, this set is on the dear side unless you're going to be grilling lots of these things, but I think it's pure genius. As you don't have to batter and fry the little devils, it's a pretty tidy delivery system. Without the extra flour and grease, it's a slightly less guilty pleasure, but still a pleasure. After all, there is bacon inside. Yum!
Did I mention bacon? Did you notice this is two bacon posts in a row?
Sur la Table, by the way, is one of the most ossum cooking stores, evar. Evar. Evar. Every basic cooking item is there, along with lots of fabulous serving pieces. I have been seen there alternately slobbering and whimpering at the All-Clad display. Yummy! The store I visit is on the west side of the Knox-Henderson exit from Central Expressway in Dallas, but you can order from the web quite easily.


Scott McCray said...

Yep, $20 is rather dear - but that is teh awesome. Drooling.


homebru said...

In the fourth paragraph, if you put a "p" in front of the "ossum", the para generates a completely different series of thoughts.

But you knew that.

Jon said...

I'm not a pepper person, but the thought did cross my mind that zuchinni would substitute in a pinch.


Old NFO said...

Hmmm... looks pretty easy to make :-)

Stingray said...

As a fellow lover of all-clad, might I point you to http://www.cookwarenmore.com/ ? They purvey all-clad irregulars at some rather large discounts. Still carrying the AC name, the merchandise is still priced considerably above the WallyWorld special, but grabbing a handy example, a 12" chef's pan w/ lid from Sur La will ring in at $215. The same with a scuff, or a ding in the handle "only" dents the wallet by $145 at 'N More. If you catch a sale, you can score things for not *too* much more than WallyWorld's at that.

I've been shopping with Cookware N More for some years now, and every piece has been 100% functional, and in most cases, the "flaw" has been so trivial that you have to know where to look to find it. In the few cases where it is discernable at a glance, it gives me the option to make up a tale of kitchen derring-do, which is more fun anyway. "Oh, that? That's where someone tried to over-salt my dish and I broke his thumb so hard it dented the handle. So you might want to put the pepper down."

Shannon said...

Must have one!!

Holly said...

Will the corer remove all the seeds I can't bear the heat of japs when the seeds are still there, any seeds at all.