Thursday, May 27, 2010

Steampunk comic

Courtesy of Ready, Fire, Aim, Apologize I discovered Wondermark, a marvelous steampunk cartoon. Filled with such delights and enchantments as will thrill the little clockroaches of your heart, methinks you'll adore Wondermark.

I especially liked the Steampunk'd and The Masters of Tea.

***** which our heroine says it with excrescence:

Wednesday was my last day at work and it was generally pleasant and uneventful. I got cards from some coworkers and others brought cupcakes, sloppy joes and all kinds of goodies. That was really sweet. :)
Exit interview was interesting and I told them why I really really rilly left. Rilly. Now They Know.

"Were it not for *******, this job would have been a pure joy to come to every day."

I scarce would have imagined that in this lifetime I would ever use the expression "turd in the punch bowl" during an exit interview. But I did.

And I feel fine.

I think this occasion calls for a little bit of custom art from me. You haven't had custom art from me in a while.


Joanna said...

"Bitch, Lipton knows tea" has yet to come up in my daily conversation.

This fact saddens me greatly.

Jess said...

"Turd in the punchbowl"; "Wart on the ass of progress"; it's all constructive criticism without malice.

Rabbit said...

I hear ya.

My group is looking for another 'contractor'. I've discussed the opening with all the guys I know/would want to work with, and each of them listed the same concerns. Oddly, they're the same ones I suck it up and deal with on a daily basis. Dammit.

Old NFO said...

LOL- Go out in style... :-)

Buck said...

re: ...but I want to know what you had to say.

Sumthin on the order of "I love the smell of bridges burnin' in the mornin'," followed up with Good On Ya and let's hope the company learned something from your exit interview. But "learning organizations" are few and very far in between, despite all the corporate rhetoric to that effect.

rickn8or said...

And on a happier note, you won't have to worry about ever working there in the future...

Good luck with the new gig.