Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've been on a cleaning frenzy this weekend. I've had lots of time to myself on Saturday and today and I've nearly filled our huge garbage dumper with trash in my domestic zeal. I've taken down the Christmas tree (and it's not even St. Patty's day yet!), and I've filled a big garbage bag with stuff for Goodwill.

And it really doesn't look like I've made a dent in the place. I mean, yeah, you can tell I've done something, but not so much. The sad thing is that I have lots of great, interesting things, but I really have never taken the time to organize/merchandize my crap in a way that really sells my decorating skills. They're there, there just shrouded in the enormity of my collections and acquisitions. I'm not saying it looks like Sanford & Son. Maybe Sanford & Son with slightly more uptown sensibilities.

Now my studio? That's the Sanford & Son set of jewelry-making. It has "nutty lady" written all over it. One of these days, though... Actually, Meg was prodding me to say so here, but I've been invited to participate in an art show in a gallery in Dallas along with some other Texas glass artists. I'm excited, and a little nervous. This is what is known as a kick-in-the-pants, because I'll have to produce lots of new stuff for the event, and they'll expect me to, like, ya know, not flake out. Eek. Oh, and Meg has a huge show coming up in Nelson, New Zealand, in case you're in that neck of the woods.

The good thing is that for some time now, when I've been tempted by decorative items, tchotchkes in boutiques or perfectly good crap someone left by the side of the road, I've had the mental fortitude to wheel the buggy past or not stop my chariot to adopt the abandoned treasure. And I'm calling that progress.

Actually, when I switched from driving a full-size pickup truck to LouLou the Baby Shoe (cute suv) about 18 months ago, I openly stated that I've given up picking up from the side of the road all the stuff that I'm going to "fix up." Nowadays, I've actually startled myself when I realized I drove past a yard sale without giving myself a whiplash. But I do confess I have still on occasion slowed down by junk on the curb and my accelerator foot has demonstrated a twitching, yearning inclinaton toward the brake pedal.

It's a process, right?


Anonymous said...

Piker. I once left a Christmas tree up well past the Fourth of July.

Of course, most of the (handmade) ornaments on the lower third of it had been shredded and eaten by the Spitz dogs I had at the time, but still...

Since we've been in the new house a year now, I need to get all my stained glass stuff out of storage, build a new light/work table and think about doing some big pieces again. SWMBO has all her stuff in her craft room with no room to do anything except stand in one spot, so I guess I'll be relegated to the sunporch. Got to move the dogs over to one side, though.

Good luck on your organizing.


Anonymous said...

Just do what you love and your work will speak for you. Get friends to come with you to the opening - the kind of friends who read you well enough to jab you sharply in the ribs when you get that look on your face that means you are about to say something hysterically funny and...inappropriate. You'll do fine!!!

phlegmfatale said...

rabbit - well, what can I say? I'm an underachiever! Isn't it funny what dogs will eat? Knowing Spitzes, they probably thought the ornaments were out to get them. Yar, you should defnitely do the light table thing and get to work - good therapy, snapping glass.

lj - well, it will be fun, but I feel a little nervous. :) We'll see how it goes...

Anonymous said...

I think it's so cool, Phlegmmy. You know you have to keep us updated on your progress. As for my "huge" exhibit, the gallery is so obscure people living here for 3 generations have to be reminded where it is. Hee hee.