Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, peoples!

Since the world failed to fall apart last night, this is probably as good a day as any to talk about celebrities.

Most of you probably heard about Sean Puffy Combs' scandale de semaine in which some of his clothing line was pulled from the shelves just before Christmas when it was discovered that some of the fake fur trim was, in fact, the outer casing of an actual wild dog living in Southeast Asia. Why would anyone bitch about this? This is like an airline upgrade or bonus anytime minutes on your cellular plan - free crap! Yay!

On the table at mom's this morning I noticed a newspaper ad for Sean's fragrance line called Unforgiveable. Irony, anyone? Make mine a double with a chaser of K-Fed's new fragrance, Humility 101.

Paris Hilton's Just Me comes with a complimentary cooling cucumber balm for razor burn.

Top Chef guest Anthony Bourdain could make a musky, earthy scent called Flintstonian, and I'd probably buy that one, just for cleverness alone. His show is starting in a couple weeks. Goody.

Oh, and speaking of shows that start in a couple weeks, Rome will parade the sweat-soaked 13th Legion back across the screen on January 14th. Hee Haw. Apparently it didn't all end when they killed Caesar at the end of last season. Who knew? Between you and me, I suspect Antony and Cleopatra will get up to some mischief. Good or bad, I'll be watching. They should make an episode just of sweat drying on Titus Pullo, don't you think?

By the way, when I was about 4, I officiously announced to my mother that when I had a daughter one day, I'd name her Cleopatrice. (pronounced klee-OH-PA-triss). She probably uttered a silent prayer that I'd never have daughters.

I remain childless.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh the officious announcements of 4 year olds! This is why we need pets, to fulfill our desire to name things. Either that our we have to discover new planets or something and that sounds like far too much work.

Happy 007 my dear!

Anonymous said...

That fascination w/Cleo! It is a measure of my Nanny's love for my that she did not snatch me baldheaded for writing it on the screen of her front door!
AS for fur, I was at a b'day party w. a bunch of folks I didn't know. I just heard snatches of their conversation about fur. Wanting to be friendly I leaned over and joined in with my opinion. "Oh yes, Fur is MURDER..." they all nodded, until I added, "to clean." Then I moved on to circulate, spreading more of my own special brand of cheer to every corner of the party.
I love doing things like that to people I don't know!

Anonymous said...

My sister is similarly stoked about Rome's continuation. I try to tell her what's gonna happen and she threatens to beat me. Siblings. Thing is, since I don't have HBO, I have to go over to her house to watch it. She gets embarrassed at the sexy bits and threatens to eject me. Very delicate issue. said...

...and that could be the very reason!

Change our intentions and maybe your luck will change.

Love it though.

phlegmfatale said...

barbara - yes, indeed - my pet didn't fare much better - I named her Valentine, and she's a pistol! I'll leave the discovery of things beyond our stratosphere to others with differently inquiring minds from my own. Happy OO7 to you!

hollyb - Ah, we ARE related - I KNEW it! You and me and Zelda! I love you for ribbing those simpering folk at that party - my kind of gal!

fathairybastard - Golly - it's gooooooood! Funny thing - the most wild sex scene of the season happened when my mother-in-law was over spending the night - I'll try to find if I blogged about that - it was funny- but neither hell nor high water would deter me from watching it. *snicker* I notice that your sister threatens to eject you rather than turn off the program. Hmmm.

mushy - Yes, I was rendered fallow by my urge for interesting names. *L* Well, whatever works!

Anonymous said...

I once had a dog named Caesar; I wanted to name the next one Napoleon or Winston, but she turned out to be ... a she, so my parents named her Pooch. I still want a bulldog named Winston. I don't have kids, either.

Happy New Year.

phlegmfatale said...

meg - I think you should be on a mission to acquire a bulldog and name him Winston. I think the French bulldog is incredibly cute, btw, although I know it's not the same as the good old English variety. I'd be tempted to name an Eng. Bulldog "Worcester" (pronounced wooster). I got a good snorty giggle out of your comment - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thing is, they show each episode a half dozen times. It's not like she's gonna miss it if she walks away, which is usually what happens. She has nothing else to do but watch it later in the week.