Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well, I've been too busy with a big bunch of navel-gazing to share it, but the prescient Tam had a brilliant post-election post followed by a flurry of empassioned commentary a few days back. You can read it here.

Then there's some deliciousness over at the always-brilliant Law Dog Files where some New Zealand rugby guys are doing something called "Taka" which some of you may have seen in that New Zealand band I posted here a couple weeks back. Good stuff. I may have to take up rugby-watching.

I have made so much jewelry I'm almost sick of it. Almost, but not quite. Sometimes in a state of fatigue I'll make something that baffles even myself, and tonight I'm near to soiling myself with delight. NOT that I've ever soiled myself with delight. I said "near to."


HollyB said...

Oh,Phlegmy, just wait. Somewhere between 45 and 50 you'll let out a big,long guffaw and find that you've laughed so hard tears are running down your thighs. You can abbreviate this on the 'puter as some variation of LOLPIP, ROFLOLPIP, just always include the "PIP" and women of a certain age will know exactly what you mean 'cuz they are doing it, too!
Oh well, it just reminds us to do our kegels!

Meg said...

Gosh, many of the greats in the first clip have retired from International 'tests'. There was a beautiful clip made by Nike a few years back, and my favorite was the one even before that, with former, youngest-ever captain Taine Randall at the helm. Superb. The second clip - not sure what kind of Haka that is - could be the Maori All Blacks, or an imitation because the Haka is copyrighted. Good on the Scots. But can't PIP, Holly; we get a bit serious; it's like when Americans hear the Star-Spangled Banner, though we don't stand up or salute.

Never thought of what Law Dog said about the name "All Blacks" - the origin is disputed because it could have been "All Backs" wearing black "jersy" initially, meaning the strength of the NZ team was all in the backs (which, apparently, is the folks that attack, because everything is backwards in rugby.) The Haka follows the national anthem, so be sure to watch the first bit, then you can turn it off. If you have a chance, catch the second last day of Rugby Sevens - seven members, shorter game periods, and you might be able to catch not only the NZ (not All Black, tho) pre-performance, but similar (but shorter) performances by Samoan and Fijian teams.

Rugby is religion in NZ, and we host the World Cup in 2011, and the only thing the nation is talking about now is whether and where to build a new 'national' stadium, with some ugly proposals - one looking like a chamber pot with holes all over it. Why can't we be classy like the Aussie and build an iconic waterfront structure like their Opera House. OK, enough from me. Have a good day, ladies.

phlegmfatale said...

hollyb - eek, I have that to look forward to? Ruh roh raggy. Thanks for the discouragin' words.

meg - Yeah, I figured those guys were famous - very distictive looks about them. All kinda sexay, if you know what I mean. That's so funny about the All Blacks thing - that points out precisely the idiocy of political correctness - when someone is trying so hard to be offended that they have to make crap up and say there was racist intent. I call bullshit on all of that. Wow, Meg - you're really into it, aren't you? Tell you what - sometime in the very near future, I'm going to pay to watch a rugby game on pay-per-view on my cable. I'm going to give it a go. Anything with such rugged men running around without padding and in shorts has GOT to be good. Good luck getting a stadium that is tastefully done - not many of them are.