Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Three Thing" MeMe
I was tagged by Kim over at Something To Say with "Three Thing MeMe".

Three things that scare me:
* Sudden loud unexpected noises - being startled usually results in me emitting a bark like that of a small dog - it's embarrassing, but what can I do? People should't scare the wound-up lady
* The loss of freedom and personal rights
* Out-of-control bureaucracy

Three people who make me laugh:
* Tam - View from the Porch
* Erin - the immaculate equestrian and fellow hypomaniac
* Dick & Kelly - OK - I know they make 4, but consider them an entity since they're a couple

Three things I love:
* Music - any style as long as it's good music
* Color
* Making funky jewelry

Three things I hate:
* Out-of-control bureaucracy (yup, this one's so big I had to bring it up again)
* Smug people who sit around judging other people, especially the ones who feel self satisfied and make a big production of saying who is "going to hell."
* (This group overlaps the last one) People who use threats of hell and Armageddon to try to terrify other people into making professions of faith, rather than trusting there is any intellectual reason to make that profession of faith. Yup, I hate that - it annoys the shit out of me, actually.

Three things I don't understand:
* Why more people haven't bothered to read that wee little book "The Prince" by Machiavelli, which is a roadmap for dominating people on a mass scale - then they'd understand how they are manipulated by all "leaders." I'm not suggesting anarchy is a good ideer, but people need to know that "their guy" and "their party" in D.C. is not on their side - they are there for themselves alone. That's how it works. No one in that town is "for the people." We exist for them. Or, at least, all the rest of you do. Except for that bit about a third of my income...*ahem*
* Bullies
* Not flossing - gosh - how do people stand their own bad breath? I can go a few days without flossing, but over time, I feel like my teeth are furry. My braces just about did me in because they made flossing nigh to impossible.

Three things on my desk:
* Dad's 1st place horseshoe trophy from this year's country fair
* A container of little yellow birds
* my Canon Rebel XT

Three things I'm doing right now:
* Let the doglet out once more
* go to bed and read
* go to sleep

Three things I want to do before I die:
* See my wonderful niece grow up to have the independence to pursue her dreams in life (right now it's to be a veterinarian) and to see her happy
* Same for my nephew, only he'll probably invent some new form of music, if he keeps going in the same direction - he's quite the little composer at a ripe old 4 years
* Maybe learn to ride horses, something like that

Three things I can do:
* Stay up all night and sleep all day
* needle-woven beadwork with teeny-tiny beads and no glasses on
* I can cook rather well.

Three things I can't do:
* father a child
* I can't seem to have fewer than 3 purses sitting around the house at one time
* willingly stay in a place with bad music - it depresses me and gives me the twitchy urge to run to the stage and show them how it's done

Three things you should listen to:
* Your parents - even if you will ignore their advice, you should at least consider it. That way it's not a surprise later on when they say they told you so
* Villa-Lobos' divine harmonica concerto. Heartbreakingly beautiful.
* your intuition

Three things you should never listen to:
* Fanatics (unless they are an Imogen Heap fanatic - those people are all right!)
* negative people who look for the dark cloud above every silver lining
* politicians

Three things I'd like to learn:
* html
* chemical processes behind the miracle of cookery
* to be a better seamstress

Three favourite foods:
* My mom's chicken croquettes
* My Grandma Bertie's buttermilk biscuits and gravy
* My Grandma Smith's everything - how did she make plain old green beans taste like a symphony? What a woman!

Three beverages I drink regularly:
* water
* unsweetened iced tea with no lemon - like I like my men: bitter
* bucks' almond steamer with whipped cream

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:
* Beverly Hillbillies (was watching them when I found out Elvis died)
* Sanford & Son - I learned alot about decorating from Redd Foxx
* Nancy Drew series - the books, never the tv show

Three blogger friends that I am going to tag:
Meg (when you get time, when your show is over) at Not a Woman of Few Words
HollyB over at Holly's Histrionics
Tony at Blah Blah Blog
OR... Your Name Here.


Kim Carney said...

I am going to go see if we have this: Villa-Lobos' divine harmonica concerto
that was 3x fun!

Tickersoid said...

Save us from the Machiavellion and the psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

Oy...a Meme! Ok...I'm game. Stay tuned!

Kelly said...

So, I make ya laugh. Good to know I still have it in me.

And I don't floss often, but I don't think I have bad breath. :(

I'm glad you had a wonderful time at your concert(s)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. That was really fun. It's always interesting to get a peek into someone's mind with one of these goodie's.
I'm honored that you tagged me, but I'm gonna steal some of your answers, b/c brilliant minds run in the same circles.

FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

HEY!!! Am i first???? Thanks for the three bie listies.....I'm so with ya on that chunk of unRealEstate we call "our nations Capital".makes my ass chew gum.Isn't it time for women to rule the Earth anyway???OK well ..count me IN when we get there..

Meg said...

Phlegmy, I just discovered the magazine "Ornament" and I can't stop thinking, "Well, SHE does it miles better than all you lot!" I never understood how the bead weaving is done - I'd love to investigate some day. I could do it without my glasses, too, probably. It's the world beyond my elbow that I can't see at all.

I find your comment about "The Prince" interesting, as the biography of Machiavelli by Michael White has been one of the few books I enjoyed and finished this year. He sounded like the consummate civil servant, and I got a good background on Renaissance.

It's an honor/horror you tagged me; I don't have very interesting insights off the top of my head, but I shall try.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your urge to run on stage and show people how good music is done...
Have you seen "Living Out Loud" with Holly Hunter? World's best heckling scene.
And "I will never be a father." That one stopped my in my tracks. Never considered that before.

Anonymous said...

Interesting answers and cool insights.

That is probably one set of questions I would have great difficulty in answering.

Zelda said...

Dammit, you are so much cooler than I am. LOL

Heather B said...

I dont know if Ive ever told you, I love that you refer to your pup as doglet.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents decorated like Redd Foxx too. We must be related.