Saturday, November 11, 2006

This came up in conversation with me sister today. We were talking about the "cell foam" blog post and she told me her good friend M (Hi, M!) works for a phone company and lots of first-time cell phone owners call up and complain that their "celica" phone isn't working. The helpful phone company representative will ask what seems to be the problem, and they say they are not getting a dial tone.

Somehow, it's hard for me to believe that people this profoundly stupid are not a new phenomenon. I'm guessing the subsets of people who are waiting for the dial tone on the cell phone and the people who don't get out of the way of incoming hurricanes overlap dramatically. These groups are probably also heavily populated by the We probably soon will hear a statistic that there are more fatal car accidents caused by people talking on cell phones than are caused by drunk drivers. It's coming, just wait.

I have to make about 20 necklaces this week and at least 6 dozen pair of earrings. That's a about 300 beads, conservatively, 72 matched pairs among them. I'll be a zombie this time next week. Watch this space.


Meg said...

I worked on the computer help desk at different times, and my all time favorites have been: a) it's broken (not plugged in), b) "I spilled coffee on the keyboard; will I get electrocuted?" and c) I dropped my contact lens between "e" and "r". The one I had problems with was with a friend of mine; she insisted she her password didn't work and I kept resetting it; turns out it was the username she didn't know, after working at the place for 2 years; I hate riding with her. Have a happy week; sounds like you could use a PJ weekend real soon, Phlegmy.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

There are people really this dumb. Pictures of hamburgers on cash register dumb. Their brains are barely active enough to keep their hearts beating. Their mamas should have let 'em run with scissors.

phlegmfatale said...

meg - no kidding - classic cases of operator error. Yeah, if a co-worker was that much of a wastrel, I'd have to quit or be transferred - that would make me crazy - I'd have a fit of office rage.

myron - Wow, you're right, come to think of it. Why does this make me so sad? It's to the point these days where I'm shocked if a chashier counts my change back to me properly (after the register already did the heavy-lifting of doing the math for the gimboid twit).

hammer said...

Reminds me of

He coined the term "pebkacs" to prevent help desk and computer techs from obviously insulting stupid customers.


Problem exists between keyboard and computer screen

FHB said...

Yea, and the people who think they can outrun a train, and the people who thing they can outrun a squad car, and the kids on you tube who set off the rockets stuck in their ass... evolution has taken a big break, aparently. Bird flue, is all I can say.

phlegmfatale said...

hammer - Yeah, PEBKACS - exactly!

fathairybastard - Yup, time for a thinning of the herd, a winnowing out of the species.