Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: the pups of others, Massachusetts edition

I told Christina that Harley's Onesie would be perfect with pearls, and she happened to have some handy. 

Flight was pleasant and left early with only about 30 passengers, so I got my own pair of seats. The plane left early and arrived early, and the flight was generally pleasant. Dallas was glimmering in the dark, and the Boston skyline was gorgeous as we flew in. 

Going to New Hamster today. It's wild to wake up in a new place, yes?

Oh! They have roundabouts here. Apparently by merely rolling onto one, some drivers achieve a meth-like trance state wherein they feel the laws of physics do not apply and they can drive any which way with no consequences. 
It cray. 


Jennifer said...

Harley does look lovely in pearls.

Vinogirl said...

So glam!