Monday, December 15, 2014

Heading for the mother ship

Having an incredibly lovely time at the home of Mr. & Mrs. SciFI. Darling Christina is finishing up her testing for the semester, and today we're going to the Fluevog store (insert angelic chorus here) in Boston. Christina's twins are here and Silver will be home from college on Wednesday, and it's so lovely to see all the girls again. The weather has been splendid with temps in the 40s and mostly sunny and clear, and thankfully dry.

Yesterday we met Mrs. and Marko Kloos for a lovely meal at a wonderful place called Firefly, and a lovely time was had by all.

Massachusetts is incredibly lovely with an abundance of magnificent trees and rivers. Crossed the meandering Merrimack, which is SUCH a beautiful river.

Having a lovely time. I brought two pairs of Fluevogs, but they're fighting over which pair gets to go to the Mother Ship today.  Hmm. My kitschy kitschy boom booms, or my classic limited edition pearly gold Vogs from about 1996? Hmmm....  Decisions, Decisions. I'll try to add a picture of what I decide.

More later.


Jennifer said...

So wonderful. Wish I could be there. Give everyone big hugs from me.

Le Conteur said...

OMG - I have been searching for those type of shoes fo-eva!!!! You have, in one swell foop destroyed my budget for 2015!

Le Conteur