Friday, December 05, 2014

Sticker shock

I never thought I'd see the day when a gallon of gas was cheaper than Roma tomatoes, but grabbing some fresh veg at a local market, the 3 little tomatoes doubled my bill at the register, totaling $2.99 a pound. I doubted my senses, but had the clerk take them off my order. Paid my bill, then went to produce and got a single regular tomato at .79/pound. I suppose I'll have to adjust. Odd, though, because the sign on the Romas said $2.49. I need to pay attention more often. Or find a cheaper market in town. *sigh* I find Romas have a nicer flavor, and they are slightly less acidic. Conversely, some very nice little avocados were 3/$1. Odd. 

All that remains are 4 finals. Two are in online classes and I'll complete those Tuesday, MedSurg is Monday, and Mental Health is Wednesday. Hard to believe the semester is at an end. This one has hands-down been the roughest. 

I submitted an essay for a (much-needed) scholarship competition, and winners are notified in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed on that score. 

Looks like I'll be taking my old job back on a very limited basis at the salt mine. I also go for a couple of days in training in January to be a substitute teacher in the local school district. Not thrilled about that, although I'd love to teach English lit. 

I have a couple creative writing projects that have been completely back-burnered during the semester that I'm looking forward to tackling during the holiday break. I really need to tackle organizing my spare room-- it's a shambles, and my school desk basically puked and papers and books have erupted and spilled out in every possible direction. Busy busy. 

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