Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chuy is a hot dog

He is churning out massive PTUs*
I need to turn down my electric blanket. 

*puppy thermal units

Update two hours later: turned the electric blanket from the 5 to the 3. It's super cold out, and now all my furry snug-bugs are glued to me. They are so sweet. I'm sure they're not just using me for my warmth!  ;)

Snowing and accumulating. Good thing I've got plenty of grub in the house. 

Aaaaaaand it's not too cold for the neighborhood skunk to make his 5:30 AM circuit. And it's not cold enough to settle down said skunk's stink molecules. Shooie!


Old NFO said...

OH lovely... and NO escape...

JohninMd.(Help!?!!) said...

So where is Hmself and his trusty .22?are tree rats all he snipes?