Friday, September 19, 2014

A mentholated spirit

First hospital clinical- left home before 6am and got home after 8PM, with an assignment that was due at midnight and several pages of SIMS to prep before lab at 8:30AM. Completed the midnight assignment and got into bed at 10:30. Up again at 5 to finish prep work. 

Welcome to the nursey life, eh? 

Sitting at my desk, my feet are sitting in a lukewarm soak of methol-smelling Epsom salts. *sigh*

At least the lab today will be over by noon. Then I can spend my weekend studying and recovering. Passed my first Mental Health exam (her test was a bear!) and hoping to do well on family health test on Monday. 

Great thing is clinical was great, my first patient was wonderful, and my preceptor is a 31 year nursing veteran, and it was overall a great day. I felt right at home. :)


Vinogirl said...

Your poor feet, but how rewarding!!!

drjim said...

You go, girl!

Maven said...

One thing that would be very good for the circulation in your legs will be dry brushing before taking a hot bath with epsoms. HIGHLY recommend it! :)