Friday, September 19, 2014

The semester is 25% complete. Huzzah!

By some miracle, the teacher wasn't overly picky about the slop that I bandied as homework, and I got full marks for my SimLab today. *whew*

Amazingly, my feet felt great after the mineral soak, and I think that made a huge difference.

Met my fellow for lunch (steak! For LUNCH!), then came home and crashed in bed with puppies for a couple hours. I was SO tired. He's fixing me dinner tonight, and we'll watch a movie. Going to study some medical terminology for now, though.

4 weeks down, and all is well enough. :)


Jennifer said...

Nothing better than steak for lunch! and full marks, and puppy snuggles. Sounds like a good day

drjim said...

Hang in there, young lady!

Every day brings you closer to your degree.

Maven said...