Monday, September 01, 2014

More baby steps.

Now that it's September, I can say my completion of school is 16 months away. Huzzah!

I knocked out most of the first of 4 units for one of my classes this weekend, and other than a test, I have nothing due there again until Sept 29. Tomorrow is a Mental Health clinical orientation.

Still waiting to find out what my schedule is going to be like. It was interesting to see a handful of people approach the professor in Med/Surg and tell her they have special circumstances and can't do their clinical assignment on evenings or weekends-- looks to me like the people who insisted they couldn't do those schedules were most likely to end up with the very same. I figure whatever comes, I'll take my lumps and pay my dues. Seems like a Saturday night would be pretty busy. Then again, we're not in ER yet, so who knows?

Week one is down, 15 to go. Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy, right?


pediem said...

Amazing at all of those "special circumstances", isn't it? And they're all on evenings and weekends... Ha.

It always amazes me the number and variety of excuses that people can come up with for being unable to participate in a fair schedule, when they knew what they were signing up for ahead of time.

Old NFO said...

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Old NFO beat me to it!

Hang in there!