Thursday, October 31, 2013

The internet is forever(ish), and that's a mighty long time.

My ears are itchy, and I was poking about the internet like you do, looking for tips, recommendation. 

From my so-far meager schoolin', I know that what is making my ears itchy is most likely behind the eardrum and not reachable, but I was curious what people recommend when I happened upon a video of what looks like several college-age young men irrigating the ear of one fellow with use of a water-pick type tooth cleaner and an obliging pot from the kitchen.  Much profanity was bandied about and at one point, the person wielding the dental device said he was going to return that device to the store. 

We all have our silly, youthful indiscretions-- some of us moreso than others.  What people of my generation don't have is video documentation of same.  I would, no doubt, cringe if I saw my 18 year old self, heard myself, etc, and I'm thankful that YouTube and video mobile phones were not an option. The young men in that video don't look like the usual mouth-breathers who prank. They'll probably be going into law or medicine or somesuch, and they may find things like that video will haunt them, cast a pall over their future in a way.  It may not be a huge one, but I have to believe there will be an effect. 

Our culture is apparently quite twisted, with the whole reality show bent.  People lack the subtletly of mind, apparently, to enjoy something that is not visually outrageous and obnoxious.  Where does it go from there?  What is beyond?  I shudder to think.

I just wish people would be more discerning and have a bit more self-respect when they choose what they will share with the world via the internet.  I celebrate everyone's right to go to private parties and crochet scrotal cozies for the guys getting their junk waxed in the next room. I just think that stuff is not necessarily for public consumption.


Old NFO said...

Oh so true... sigh...

Anonymous said...

I have former classmates who don't understand why I flee every time they whip out their digital cameras to post everything on FaceSpace. Yes, we had our reunion in a place with a bar. Look, I substitute teach and I'm trying to get a university job. I don't care to have a picture of me drinking iced tea in a bar posted all over the internet. Especially since I'm still trying to keep a low profile due to a former stalker.


Christina RN LMT said...

And then there are all the youtube videos of people popping pimples, extracting blackheads, excising cysts, expressing abscesses...
There's a market for that shit!

Windy Wilson said...

If there's a market for that shit, shouldn't it then be behind a paywall?

I guess I'm not that much of an exhibitionist, I'm careful not to put my every @#$%$ move on Facebook.

"I just wish people would be more discerning and have a bit more self-respect when they choose what they will share with the world via the internet."
Amen, Sister! Preach it!