Monday, October 28, 2013

a little more than halfway done this semester...

Monday was a rough day. Made a low mark on a test, but it was higher than I expected to make.  Not including this week, I've got 6 weeks left of school.  Sort of holding my breath.  Doing rather well in 3 classes and cutting it too close for comfort in Family Health Assessment, which is the big one.  I'm nervous that I should have quit the day job a few weeks earlier.  No point crying over spilled apples, but at least I have more than a month to pull that one out of the dive.  I'm doing well on all metrics there except the tests, but I'm certain I can get my mud into a ball. 

I need to smooth my feathers.


Mark/GreyLocke said...

You will get them in the end. It might just take a bit for the connections to hit just rights.


Old NFO said...

Hang in and hang on Phlegmmy! :-)