Friday, October 18, 2013


Busier than a one-armed paper hanger here, but today is sort of given over to convalescence. The weather is cold and dreary-- my favorite-- and I'm in the recliner with puppies under my quilt and on top of me. A Terry Pratchett book is within reach. I'm hoping this is just a little sniffle and not the flu, because I can't afford to slack for Saturday and Sunday after today. I have a major exam on Tuesday and another the following Monday. No rest for the weary. 

I gave my two week notice at my job last week and Wednesday will be my last day. That was bittersweet, but that small job was bringing a lot of stress that I didn't need on top of my school load. School is generally going well, but it's a cavalcade of huge deadlines, so that brings no small amount of stress. 

Here's a photo of the pups helping me feel better. I think I'll doze some more. 


Jennifer said...

Awe. They want mama to feel better.
Rest and recover for tomorrow there are mountains to conquer!

Old NFO said...

Smart move to lower the stress level... And hope you're better soon!

Holly said...

Vitamin C will be helpful no matter what ails you. Keep takin' it to support your immune system.
Lowering your stress level will also be good for your immune system.