Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking for clues.

Loved Back In Love Again by LTD in the 1970s even though I was just a kid. Seeing the video of their 1978ish Soul Train appearance, Mom would DEFINITELY not have approved. Still like the song anyway, and this is one juicy time capsule. Remind me again why we left the 1970s?

On second thought: no need to remind me.

I used to know someone who'd order the relish and mustard and all that crap on their hotdogs and then would scrape it all off and eat the 'dog with the remnants of all that muck and goo. I asked "why do you order that stuff if you don't want to eat it?" He said "I just like knowing it used to be there."

I like knowing the 70s used to be here. I always figured Robert Palmer grafted a hopped-up version of the groove from the above song on 1981's Looking For Clues.

I think I was right, and nicely done, at that.

Perhaps the best indicator that I came of age in the 80s is the fact that I'm less embarrassed by the 80s than I am by the 70s. It's all a mess.

Anyway, I really liked Robert Palmer, loved his style. Classically male and never even remotely douchey. Tres tres cool. Timelessly chic. Oozing cool. Thanks for being unembarrassing, Robert.

See? The 80s weren't all bad!


Old NFO said...

Youngster... :-P

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks, Old NFO - I LOLed.

FarmGirl said...

Ok I watched the Robert Palmer video all the way through just in case I was mistaken. I wasn't.

I can see why you might like his singing and/or his songs, but that video is freaking WEIRD. What's with all the animal masked people popping out of doors? why is he in a hallway? And what's with the bellhop??

Classy and cool is not what comes to mind for me on that video, Phlegmmy my dear, sorry.

phlegmfatale said...

I said Robert Palmer is cool. The video is strange but I was talking about the song's bass line. I thought the penguin looked uncomfortable to be there. Very strange. I like the fact that RP actually looks like he's singing and not just mouthing words in a pretty way. The video also was one continuous shot. The bellhop was utterly WTF, I agree.

charlotte g said...

I agree with NFO-- but you do have class. I've put some of your music choices on Favorites. Just not these.