Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fragrance du jour: Gunpowder Rose by Union

Gunpowder Rose is marvelous. I've only been wearing this about ten minutes, so I'll have to report later on the heart and drydown of the fragrance, but the top notes are marvelous.

From the Bendel site:

The English Rose, celebrated in art and literature for centuries, has finally been captured in this hymn to high summer. Rose oils and extracts from Lincolnshire and the Stour Valley distil the scented velvet-softness of the petals and zesty-green stems of this romantic and exalted bloom. In a dramatic twist, the delicate flowers dance over spicy embers of charcoal and the piquant fizz of sulfur - the thunderstorm notes of gunpowder! The approaching torrent is tempered by a heart of Lovage, harvested in Hampshire, Meadowsweet and Violet Leaf from Herefordshire and juicy Blackcurrant from Kent, which balance fresh summer greenness with energizing bite. Finally, Union's own Oak Moss from Dorset and Oak Bark from Nottinghamshire provide the earthy forest floor on which this highly charged fragrance rests. Explosive.

 I can typically smell the classic rose scent as "rose", but I'm not getting that here. I'm smelling tuberose, actually, but in a very subtle way-- tuberose is often overpowering. Maybe I should have taken more time to smell roses there whilst visiting England.  Anyhoo.

Since my first trip to the range with JPG and Hols, I have said that if they could bottle the sublime scent of smoke gently wafting off a boiling barrel, well, I'd totally buy that stuff.  I'll have to report back on the heart and drydown, but so far, I'd purchase this bottle based on the top notes and the name alone.  Time to save pennies and pimp out some puppies, I suppose. I'm awaiting a sulfuric/charcoal emergence that makes me feel smokin'!

This fragrance in full bottles is sold exclusively in the US by Henri Bendel.  Bought my sample of Gunpowder Rose for about $10 on Surrender to Chance.  Surrender to Chance is a great way to try expensive fragrances without the inherent risk of the huge outlay of cash.  I do strongly recommend you opt for the 2ml spray of any sample you order, as I feel I get a better idea of the scent with a spritz than with the little plastic dauber.  STC ships incredibly quickly, and if you "like" them on Facebook, you can go to their FB page to get codes for savings and weekly special information. 

Yes. I'm a perfume addict. I can't quit anytime that I want to.

UPDATE - The heart blossomed into a gorgeous, straightforward rose.  There was something else emerging but I took a shower and put on another fragrance for my goof off day. I'll try Gunpowder Rose for a full day one day this week and report with the base notes.

 Apparently, the entire Union line of fragrances is based entirely on accords found only in the British Isles.  There's even apparently a marmite/hops element to the one called Celtic Fire. Apparently that really makes a person smell like a bonfire (see the link!).  Sounds like it would smell good to me. I love the smell of peat.


Vinogirl said...

Of course, I love the packaging, very subtle Union Jack.

Old NFO said...

Yep, you're 'addicted'... :-) But better that than other things!!!

phlegmfatale said...

Vinogirl- I LOVE the packaging. The Union Jack is gorgeous in form. Considering the Union fragrances are apparently made entirely from accords found in the British Isles, it's a lovely marriage of concept and spirit and form. The more I read about them, the more I want to try them all.

phlegmfatale said...

Old_NFO - Guilty as charged. I love it!

Jennifer said...

Sounds delightful

breda said...

I can't wait to smell you in May.