Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: girlpups!

Snapped this photo just now. Mochi is playing neckroll behind my head-- a favorite perch of hers-- and Praline is on the top of the back of the recliner.

Slept in the recliner last night and the swelling was much less by morning. Yesterday morning I awakened with a very painful and increased degree of swelling. Looks like I've got more nights in the recliner ahead of me, alas. At least the pups snuggle in and keep me warm, though. Bless 'em.


Old NFO said...

And they will be a comfort, I know! :-)

Le Conteur said...

Miss Mochi has eyes of concern...Praline is guarding your health and recovery.. prayers for health and a good bite are sent.

Le Conteur

JohninMd.(HELP?) said...

Hi, miz Phlemmy... wondering how Lawdog is. Hope you're feeling better. Please tell Dawg we miss the ice cream..prayers for you both.

Andi said...

Ouch... I didn't actually make the transition from reclined position in bed to fully horizontal until I was ~6 weeks post-op. The swelling and pressurized feeling in the sinuses just wouldn't let me.

I used a "husband" pillow (turned around and backside up) with a few regular bed pillows to make a "recliner" in my bed so I could be comfy.

Thinking good thoughts for your continued recovery Lady!!