Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have Mochi's Lord Of The Rings name:

Mochi, daughter of son of Hammerweenie.

Ossum, innit? It so fits her. She am fierce with her toofies and lipflaps and ears flouncing with every smidge of ferocity that flouncing leathers ever mustered.


First (half) day back at work on Monday was very tiresome. I started feeling very drained at about the two hour mark. I'm glad I've got half days this week. May need that again next week.

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Andi said...

<3 the LotR name for Mochi!!

Take it easy on you as you get readjusted to work... I know just how that felt. And if you need it next week, TAKE IT! Thinking all good thoughts for you in your continued recovery... and in general, too. :D