Friday, January 11, 2013

More ouchyness

After orthodontic appointment last week, I've been back on the painkillers. Orthodontist said he wasn't doing a big adjustment, but apparently lied, as my teef have been howling in their very sockets.


Surgeon visit Wednesday was good, except he wants the orthodontist to adjust again ASAP. When the surgeon took the splint out last week, my teeth fit together perfectly for the first time. Then my orthodontic adjustment, and the next morning my teeth would only fit together on the front. Angst. Very roller coaster.

Today I'm back to the orthodontist in Dallas to (presumably) get them moved back into place before they get any worse.

Again, thank goodness for pain pills.


Jennifer said...

Ugh. It will all be worth it in the end.
And for now, the miracle of pharmaceuticals.

Andi said...

Oh, boy...I hear the adjustment part and the pain. I hope they get the roller coaster part figured out for you soon! In the meantime, yes, painkillers, rest, and treat yourself well. :)

drjim said...

Hang in there, phlegmmy, you're in the home stretch!

Mark/GreyLocke said...

My prayers for a quick and as painless as possible recovery Milady

Old NFO said...

Hang in there Lady, there IS good news (and a new bite) on the horizon!

charlotte g said...

I admire so much what you are doing. Your pain is a tremendous ticket of price. Hope you are soon to he point you don't need to pay.Heal, heal, heal, and be soo much better.