Thursday, January 17, 2013

I can hold my tongue (or keyboard) no further.

Yes, here's what got my butt out of the recliner to do a post on the high-test computer, rather than drive-by postings from my cell phone:

I have succumbed to the ease of watching news sites from my cell phone and the comfort of the recliner, and I have slipped into watching Farcebook in the last month more than all my previous life combined, I think.

Someone with whom I attended high school posted this photoshopped poster on her Farcebook page. The group, which I will not name or link here-- you can see them on the photo-- posted this image of Gun Appreciation Day material with photoshopped images of the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting. Commenters on the page noted with incredulity that the poster was insensitive, and I think they actually believed that someone pro 2A was pleased with the events at Sandy Hook.

Notice the name of the group, yet the moderators openly identify themselves as left-leaning liberals. Their page says:

Government Website
A progressive look at the news of the day, without the biased right-wing slant and outright lies of Fox News.

Their "about" page says they want to have a civilized discussion, yet I can't help but noticing that I can't enter their discussion unless I "like" their page. Apparently, right-wing is the only slant they actually have a problem with.

I pretty much believe everyone has a blind spot to their own slant, and I am no exception. What I have a problem with is someone or a group representing themselves as objective when in fact they are working an agitprop-style agenda of their very own. If they did not intend to inflame people emotionally, why did they need to photoshop upsetting photos to stir people up? Wouldn't their well-reasoned arguments be enough? Apparently not. One must rouse sentiment when their only arguments are inane.

Also, if one penny of government money goes to this organization, then why isn't it more transparent about who/what they are, and who do I contact to suggest that in this fiscal-cliff-laden environment, that our government not spend money on such naked propaganda?

As for Gun Appreciation Day, that's a redundancy for me for the other 364 days. FWIW, I've got two of them within 6 feet of myself. Hearth, home, castle and all that.

Molon Labe


Old NFO said...

Damn... That is just over the top and NOT in a good way...

Jennifer said...

That's outrageous.