Thursday, December 27, 2012

Returning to the right again

Got to Knox/Henderson early for my appointment with my surgeon (more on that later) and popped by a favorite boutique, Emeralds To Coconuts, where I picked up this pair and 2 other coolie cheapie slippers. Friend Lin opined in a missive that the world is returning to right again when I am in shoe acquisition mode.


Lost 5 pounds since last week. Bite not closing as preferred, Dr snapped some hellacious elastics on from top to bottom to better guide the settling of my bite , and hopefully spare me some time in the orthodontic correction stage. My choppers are fairly screaming, so I just took a pain pill which I hope will afford me the oblivion of sleep.

Stopped at Costco and picked up super-rich lobster bisque and the makings of a cheese soup. Going to try to stem the weight loss, since I need to be a bone building factory, just now. Still, the bands and the resin plate make eating so very tiresome. The lobster bisque is yum, though, and hopefully it will satisfy on many levels.

This evening, the first of several zones of oral sutures has sprung itself, to my relief. Even well-tucked, the free ends are pokey. This is all going well and I feel fortunate, even with these wicked new elastics. I will not be a baby. But I will make free with the pain meds.


Jennifer said...

Enjoy your rest and bisque. You'll be healed before you know it.

Anonymous said...

As an unwilling, non-voluntary participant in daily pain and meds, I feel for you!
Get healed soon!


Old NFO said...

Glad to hear there IS progress in a good direction!