Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Furry barnacles and competitive snuggling

We got snow in the region Sunday night and it was actually cold enough to bust out the electric blanket. I had the heat on in the house, but pretty low. Monday I turned the heat up a bit. Bedtime came and I cranked up the heat on the blankie about an hour before bed.

Now it's 3:15 in the AM and the furnacles just did a leap-froggish swapping of positions. When I got in bed, I was freezing and thought I'd never be warm this night. Now I'm burning up. Oh, look: there goes the furnace. I'd better turn the blanket down some more.

I think I could heat the house with the BTUs the varmints are giving off. Especially Mochi. She's a hot little dog.

Here's some sweater puppies photos for your viewing pleasure.

I made a 78 on my Macroeconomics final and only needed a 60 to keep my A, so YAY!!!

I scored an 80 on my A&PLAB final, and I'm ecstatic about that. If I ace the written portion later this morning, a B will still be within my grasp. Yay again. Wish me luck!


Old NFO said...

Congrats! And the pups are cute in their little sweaters!

Tam said...

You have snow in Texas and we haven't had any (not that actually stuck to pavement) in Indy yet.


Jennifer said...

Good job and good luck!

Le Conteur said...

Praline looks like my daughter did when I said she needed to go out into the snow a bit - "Ah, reeeaaallly mom, do I HAVE to."
My furmunchkins are all wearing sweaters in the house also, or lying about on top of the heat registers.
Le Conteur

Jay G said...


2. Not nice to use sweater puppies like that... ;)

3. Good luck on the exam! (Not that you'll need it, of course!)

phlegmfatale said...

Old NFO - they ARE darling, aren't they?

TAM - neener neener neener!

Jennifer - thanks, m'dear!

Le Conteur - Praline actually is not too bad about the snow. She's ready to find critters to chase, so she's got to patrol the yard, rain or shine. :) If I had heat registers, they'd be SO happy.

Jay G - we are desperate for ANY form of precip, so snow will have to do.
Oh, I think it's the nicest form of sweater puppies!
thanks so much! Still awaiting my grade, but feeling fine about it

Matt G said...

Dressing the dogs, of course, calls for a tattle to the SPCA.