Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mind over... mutter

Life has taken on a weird sort of routine orbiting the care and maintenance of my new oral ball of wax. I have a resin plate wired to the underside of my upper teeth, so my teeth don't have actual contact yet. All the extra wires/apparatus means that this rich diet I'm eating gets mucked up in there with remarkable efficiency, so cleanup is a big job. I seem to be spending about an hour a day cleaning my mouth.

This morning i weighed myself and saw the needle 3# lower than yesterday. This is not good. I drove (yes!) to Sonic for a chili cheese Tater tots. Took a fork and mooshed them up. After nomming them for about 30 minutes, I felt I had to give up on them. Then the cleanup began. Unfortunately, a hunk of tater lodged itself between the resin plate and the roof of my mouth. No amount of brushing or swishing would serve to dislodge the offending particle. Using my recently acquired knowledge of anatomy, I told myself that the amylase in my saliva would work on the potato and it would dislodge. It stayed snugly in place all day. I considered naming it.

After dinner, I got out the water pik(lowest setting) and determined to get out the offending article however long it should take. Turns out, it was a hunk of meat from the chili. But it came out, by golly. And amylase would have had no effect on the meat hunk.

Found a good white noise app and got some great sleep this morning. 2nd week post op appointment is one week from today. Feeling dramatically better today, but I still have monkey face. I actually put on clothes today. Yes, I wore pajamas to the dr yesterday. I feel entitled.

Ramping down on the hydrocodone. Hoping tonight will be the first night to sleep all the way through.

I would sport with your intelligence if I did not admit that focusing narrowly on my own la di da has been a huge relief given the recent news. There's nothing to be done beyond grieving in the face of such an evil act, and to grieve in turn at the outrageous compromising of our liberties by self-seeking "leaders" who politicize the deaths of children to make political hay. Enforce the laws on the books. We can't guarantee a crazy person won't go on a murderous rampage. Full stop.

How about addressing from the mental health angle? I suppose that would be relevant and make sense, so that angle will be ignored.


Anonymous said...

The mental health angle was addressed by recent commenters in my blog.
The gist is it's a red herring to elicit more control, or to detract from the issues at hand.
Evil is out there; more laws can do nothing to stop it; restricting rights of the good doesn't work toward that end.
Personally, I think it needs addressing, but not in the context of gun control - too easy to make a law saying 'oh, you sought counselling, no gun for you!'

Glad you are doing better!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are up and around. Hooray for driving!