Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rarely has pulling a lever for a presidential candidate been an undiluted pleasure for me, but...

...if current trends continue, I don't see any candidate I could vote for without the bile rising in my gorge. I think I'll be writing in my preference in November.

*le sigh*


Thud said...

As long as the surname isn't obama then thats fine but if you don't vote republican (Romney?) just how will you reconcile with yourself having contributed to 4 more years of the destruction of America. Seems rather trite now to say it but..." Happy new year"

Old NFO said...

Good point, can we vote for common sense???

NotClauswitz said...

Happy Mayan Apocalypto!

Roscoe said...

Writing in Benedict Cumberbatch? He doesn't qualify

Irene Adler! I may have to break two countries' copyright laws tomorrow night to get a peek.

phlegmfatale said...

Thud: problem with Romney is that I despair that he seems not a marked improvement on O to me. Happy new year, anyway!

OldNFO - Hear! Hear!

DirtCrashr - I ain't skeered of that! Happy one to you, too.

Roscoe : but he has such a cool name!

Chris said...

Yes!! Opus the Penguin for President.
and Pee Wee Herman for VP.
A ticket of Substance and Action!!