Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blogger Party Wrap-Up

Later today or Early tomorrow, I promise.
Thank you to all the lovely and fabulous folk who honored my home with their attendance. I'm told we were quite the buzz on the gun nuts IRC, and that all the smart and cool kids will be moving to Texas forthwith.

Damn skippy!


alan said...

So much awesome packed into one place.

It was an amazing afternoon. Thanks so much for having us there.

Oh, and the food was unbelievable. Mmmmm.. Pig Candy.

Rabbit said...

Had a wonderful time, we did. Thanks again. We'll have to throw one at our place sometime and have everyone bring their dogs as well.


Anonymous said...

How does one get an invite to such a shindig? I took Steff to the shooty store and helped her pick out her own instrument of shooty goodness... I don’t think we are going to be able to remove the perma-grin off her face. She is looking forward to the mass ammo purchase that will be occurring soon. If I have to turn up the snark and put opinion to e-paper to join the ranks of the phlegmey invitees, then so be it...

phlegmfatale said...

alan - yup - so much awesome, and you are welcome! Yes, pig candy. *sigh*

Rabbit - was delighted you and your lovely Lady could come, and thank you so much for the bumpersticker and the cake.

Andy - Okay - next time, you're on the list. Promise. :) I pretty much did invite only gun bloggers, but perhaps Steff should be blogging her journey learning about shooting? She's got a great adventure ahead of her. Happy for her. :) Plus-- lucky you-- shooty chicks are just way hotter than others...